What is Miirage?

Mirage is a hologram experience designed specifically for the entertainment, communication, advertising and events industry. Mirage generates the unique audio visual illusion where virtual and reality combine to create mind blowing experiences

How does it work?

Utilizing transparent LCDs mirage creates ultra-realistic holograms. When a 4K signal is imported into the system Miirage identifies the relevant information and generates a holographic effect. Utilizing lighting and shooting techniques, shadows and reflections, content is created to generate an illusion that the object is inside the module.

How is Miirage different?

Mirage has multiple features that make it stand out against its competitors, but its greatest feature is the ability to create an experience with its patented modular ability.

Can holograms move from one unit to the other?

Absolutely. Miirage was created for this exact purpose. When multiple units are combined a 'room' is created for illusions to move about freely inside.

How long does it take to receive after placing my order?

Please allow 90 days to receive your mirage modules. Depending on where you are in the world we estimate around 60 days but please allocate additional time to allow for unknown delays such as customs clearance and shipping times.

How heavy is a single unit?

We have ensured Miirage is lightweight yet sturdy. The total weight of a single unit is 350 kg.

What is the power consumption for a single unit?

Mirage operates on a very low power consumption. To power a single unit only 4.4 amps is consumed.

Is it easy to transport?

Yes, we added six low profile heavyweight rotating wheels to enable you to move mirage around easily. It is also under 2.3 m in height for easy shipping.

How many units can I join together?

There is no limit to how many units can be joined together. The only restrictions will be how powerful your playback system is to power multiple 4K displays at the same time.

Can I create my own content?

Yes, you can create your own content, there are no restrictions. However we do advise working with one of our content partners who are trained to create content specifically for mirage.

Can I stream someone live into Miirage from another country?

Yes, using a 4K streaming service or a satellite feed we can 'teleport' your friends, family or colleagues as a life hologram that you can interact with in real time.

What are the dimensions of a Miirage unit?

1315mm Wide x 2290mm Tall x 1700mm Deep

Can I get Miirage in my country?

We are able to ship to any country in the world. Please inquire within.

Can I rent Miirage short term?

Yes, working with our tech partners you can hire Miirage for short-term hires for your event or expo.

Does Miirage come with a playback system?

Yes, mirage will come with a playback computer and audio system built in. Should you require multiple unit playback please contact a local tech company to provide you with a media server option.

Can I build Miirage into a set design?

Yes, we strongly recommend custom building set pieces around mirage to elevate the experience and promote your brand or event.

Does Miirage come in different sizes?

Mirage comes in a range of sizes and can be custom built please contact us with your bespoke request.

Can you curve Miirage around the audience?

Yes, we can manufacture additional wedge pieces to fit between each mirage unit. When multiple units and wedges are combined mirage will curve around an audience.

How does locational sound work?

Locational sound works by tracking the hologram and following its movement. Audio accentuates moments to provide an additional layer of realism to the illusion.

What is included when I buy a Miirage unit?

When you purchase a mirage can you receive a single mirage unit, flight case, waterproof cover, playback machine and audio system.

What is your warranty and returns policy?

Returns are on a case by case basis. Please contact us with information about your products and why you would like to return it.

Please find our warranty policy here