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What is Miirage?

Miirage is an entertainment and communications system solution created for the events, entertainment and marketing industries. Miirage is taking holograms and tele-presence global to satisfy unique demands for innovation in these challenging times.

Miirage’s holographic experiences bridge the virtual world and real life. Audiences can now fully interact with impactful content without the need for mobile devices, computer screens or wearables.

Our unique feature is its modular ability, where multiple modules can be connected to create a wide experience. Allowing holographic illusions to move seamlessly between modules, creating an environment in which the holograms exist.

Miirage provides brands with an innovative and disruptive way to penetrate their markets and create strong engagement with their audience.

An immersive digital experience is delivered to your audience in physical form, creating valuable opportunities for driving brand awareness, engagement and loyalty. A gem to the out-of-home marketers and the events industry leaders, Miirage delivers results by generating traction and business opportunities one immersive experience at a time.

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How did it all start?

It all began in a creative meeting where we presented to a global client. They were very interested in a previous hologram project which toured shopping malls in Australia. The client had access to celebrities and wanted to tour the country showcasing performers as holograms. Since they had an existing partnership with a national shopping mall chain, they planned to host these events in the malls. They wanted the hologram to be large enough for an audience to experience and enjoy, while at the same time providing an environment for a singer or band to perform in.

Holographic Experience

Why was Miirage created?

As the world takes a step forward to the metaverse, we believe the sweet spot is blending the two realities. Miirage merges the virtual and physical worlds, by bringing the virtual world to you. We created Miirage to fill a spot in the market for virtual and physical audience interaction. For years AR and VR have put up a barrier in the form of a device or headset. The devices required to experience the virtual world have kept us at a distance, restricting emotion and interaction.

Miirage breaks down the barriers and opens the door to the virtual realm bringing our favourite characters, products, friends and family into our lives.